Matt. 24:45 - This verse has been constantly welling up in me for about 1.5 years now.

By disposition, I am not very outspoken. I am easily discouraged. I like to keep to myself. Some consider me an introvert. Yet, it was because of this verse that I have gone out again and again to preach the gospel, in hope that I would be found faithful. I have chosen to deny my preference of keeping to myself, to make a fool out of myself, in order to feed those who are hungry.

These times have been mundane, in general, with scattered experiences of success every once in a while, which did make the effort worthwhile.

Yet, I was frustrated. I do not have the ability, as some do, to be able to reach people. It is simply too awkward for me to become friends with strangers. Given that I was in their shoes, I would have had the same reservations that I see them having. These were just masks that we would put on. There would be no transaction taking place on a lower level.

Thus, a burden rose up within me. I wanted to be able to announce the gospel without causing trouble. I don't want to offend people; but I have been sent by the Lord (Matt. 28:19). With all these factors, I finally decided to make this project.

To whoever thirsts, come to me. I hope that by my faithful posting, the Lord will have a way to work and feed those who hunger.
Updated on February 13, 2010
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