A couple days ago, I met up with Sergio Mejia, a brother who attended the training with me.  He finished the program one semester before I did, and it has been a couple months since I finished the program myself, so in total, it was about one year since we last saw each other.  The last time we talked, I came to the awareness that he could be considered legally blind.  The problem he had involved the retina, and so could not be fixed simply with glasses.  So, I was very interested about getting together to see how he was doing. 

In this past year, he had been serving at San Jose College, preaching the gospel and talking to students about the Lord.  Though his eyes had not improved, and were still worsening, he shared with me what he had learned, which shed some light on me, and really helped me to see better regarding spiritual things. 

He told me that during this time, he really experienced the importance of sight.  In fact, sight is the key, and the reason people do not believe in the Lord is because they are blind.  The degree that people are able to properly serve the Lord depends on to what degree they see.  So, our function, our purpose, should be to cause these ones to see. 

As Christians we do many things.  Why is it that we make it a point to set aside parts of our precious time to regularly read the Bible and to attend the meetings?  Why do we take time off to pray?  Why do we insist on being proper?  The answers to these questions all reveal how well we see.

One thing he shared really impressed me: When people don't see, they don't participate.  But, it's not even a matter whether or not they wish to participate, but they can't participate even if they wanted to.  Due to his poor eyesight, Sergio could not participate in many activities.  Once people see, then they can participate, and, now speaking from my personal experience, they will definitely want to participate.
Written on May 19, 2010
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