Brother Ron Kangas, Question and Answer time with the saints in Boston:
Sometimes, we will do things out of our good heart, that the Lord who is living inside of us isn't doing.

Being a Christian is all about following the Lord Jesus Christ.  Afterall, there wouldn't be much in "Christian" without "Christ".  Following the Lord would be easier, if this was was just a matter of obeying the rules.  However, that is too simple.  The Lord Jesus is a living person, who is living inside of each and every believer.  Just as people are hard to predict or classify, so the Lord Jesus, in His infinite wisdom, does not follow rules indiscriminately.  Well, there are some things that He will never do (as far as I can tell), such as sinful or worldly things, but many times, I find myself acting more like a Pharisee; following a standard that I think is what the Lord would approve of, but in the back of my mind, there is a feeling that I am not on the right track.  Sometimes, I wonder if that feeling comes from the Lord, trying to bring me back on course.  

Then, there are times that I try to help people.  I believe everyone approves of this kind of behavior.  Yet, I am forced to reflect on my actions and motives when, looking at the results, I question whether the Lord blessed it.  The Lord will bless things if He intends that they be done.  But, the Lord does not intend that all "good" things be done.  If everyone were comfortable and nobody experienced any hardships, then I don't think we would all be good people; much rather, we would be spoiled, with a strong sense of entitlement.  Sometimes, it's the suffering that teach us to appreciate what we have.  Suffering also reveals to us what is really precious.  When I see someone suffering, my natural reaction, though, is to alleviate that suffering.  Unfortunately, that may be actually hindering the Lord from accomplishing what He wants to accomplish through the suffering, which He has allowed.

Is it possible to be full of love, but to also not help someone?  Or perhaps, there are levels to helping someone, with the most obvious method not always being the correct one.  Sometimes, parents help their children by not sparing them when disciplining them.  Tough love, they call it.  Many times, though, I can't help but help someone in need.  Often, if I were to consider the motive, it is really just my good heart, and not the Lord, as hard to believe as it may be.  Maybe I should ask the Lord Jesus next time what He wants me to do, before doing anything, just in case He has something wiser in mind.

Written on August 21, 2013
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