An update is long overdue. It's been almost four months since the last update. A lot has gone on.

My Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's came and went without much fanfare.

January 8 marked the 2-year anniversary of my long term relationship. This was a train with the wrong destination. I intended to get off a long time ago, but for various reasons simply could not. However, I now surveyed the situation: my girlfriend had a place to live, a stable job, and a car in good working order; she was more or less healthy (she had even quit smoking). I felt that I was leaving her in a good place and I had met any obligations that could be expected of me. I did not want to waste any more of her time in this dead end relationship, so on one sunny Sunday morning, after sending her to work, I wrote her a letter detailing the reasons why I was ending the relationship in no unclear terms, packed my bags, and left. I haven't looked back since.

Life since hasn't been new as much as it's been reverting back to my life prior. I've been quietly working, working on side projects, and working out. My side projects included organizing my finances, writing an application for identifying and merging duplicate directories, making YouTube videos, and playing Oxygen Not Included, which I've been addicted to, and beat just today with all the achievements, incidentally, which freed me up to make this post.

Our neighborhood sailed over into Canada Drove around for a bit (not recommended)

Then, this past week, we were hit by a literal snowstorm of historic proportions. While it's probably just a typical January week in Michigan, the snow storm caused power outages for a few days, from Monday night until last night. That gave me time to play with the snow. Then, today, I've been working on restoring everything back to how it was.

It's been eventful.

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Written on February 19, 2021
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