A year ago, I looked at my life, and decided that it was going in the wrong direction.  It was then that I decided that by the same time, a year later, I would be "back to normal".  Those were the exact words I had thought of in my inner monologue.  It wasn't easy, but I am satisfied with the progress.  In particular, I've been eating out and staying out late less.  I've been home more, which has given me the chance to clean and organize my room - something I've been doing in bits and pieces for the past 4 years.  Finally, I've been more productive, refocusing my priorities back onto sharpening my mental and physical strength.  In general, I am feeling better and have more energy.  Of course, this came at the expense of the fun I could've had, but my sentiment is that I experienced it, considered it, and ultimately decided what lifestyle I wanted.  It was a well-informed decision.

Having fun is fun, and I may go back to that later.  But, right now, I need to focus on life.

Written on December 29, 2017
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