An instant noodles lover but want something a bit healthier? Coming soon to a Korean supermarket near you: Shin Light.

Much intrigue surrounds the contents of this bag

From the same makers who brought you the standard Shin Ramen, the ramen that, for me, had been the workhorse, the backbone of my ramen stockpile, the default option, the go to, the first ramen where one package was enough, comes a new entry.

This one was gifted to me by a friend, who just so happened to have been interviewing with Nong Shin for a marketing position. As he left their facilities, he was given a tour of their ramen, and allowed to pick out some for himself.

Cooking instructions seem comparable to the classic and Black

There is a Shin Ramen Black, which is a beefed up version of the classic Shin Ramen: nearly the same as Shin Ramen, but the vegetable packet contained small pieces of dehydrated beef.

The Shin Light sort of juxtaposes that by standing on the other side of Shin Ramen: a ramen for people who may consider Shin Ramen to be too heavy. Too salty, too fatty, too filling.

The components of this MRE

Opening the package, there were two notable differences when compared to the classic and Black, which both had a disc of noodles, a soup packet, and a vegetable packet. The Light had an extra spicy oil packet. Presumably this would make the oil and spice optional. Those who want more flavor can add more whereas those who are watching their weight can add less.

The second notable difference was that the noodles took up noticeably less volume but was denser.

Soup base looks a little lighter than the classic; vegetables look the same

The cooking procedure was the same as the classic and Black, though the amount of water may be different.

Probably a bit more water than this

For my expert method that works every time, I empty the packets into an empty bowl, place the noodles on top, fill the bowl with enough hot water so the noodles are floating, but nowhere close to the top of the bowl, put a lid on it, put it into the microwave, and microwave it for 3 minutes.

The lid is the secret to microwaving ramen

After it's done, take it out promptly, taking care not to burn yourself, because the bowl is scorching hot at this point. I use paper towels to insulate my hands as I take the bowl out and set it onto the table. I then use the paper towels to wipe up any soup that spilled onto the microwave.

Time to eat it with your mouth

It should look like this. The noodles had a distinctly different texture than the classic, Black, and any other ramen I've had. It's more chewy. On the other hand, the soup is still the delicious classic Nong Shin soup I love.

On the whole, Shin Light is great. Is it revolutionary? No. But, it is a nice variation on the classic. Depending on each person's preferences and tastes, Shin Light may be the best ramen yet. For me, I'll still keep eating the classic. If I want healthy ramen, I'll eat Vite Ramen.

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Written on January 11, 2020
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