This past month has seen some unprecedented events. The coronavirus (i.e. COVID-19, SARS-COVID-2, CCP virus) has spread throughout the world. The US has all but shut down, initially with restaurants switching to to-go ordering only, then all non-essential businesses being closed, and most recently, not being allowed to go outside except for groceries or supplies. Those who can work from home are working from home. Those who can't have either been laid off or furloughed. This is a storm that nobody saw coming last year. Then, Russia and Saudi Arabia failed to come to an agreement about cutting oil production to boost oil prices. Hence, the stock market crashed, with the largest point drop for the Dow index in history. Ironically, the past few days saw the largest point gain in history. So, there's still plenty of people (or machines) who have a positive lookout.

For me, I've been learning to cook. Initially, it was out of necessity to cut down on expenses. Then, it coincided with the coronavirus lockdown. But, it's been fun and now I look forward to it.

Dinner from a few days ago

It's just stir fry using a cast iron skillet and rice is cooked in a nonstick pot. I think this is one of those practice makes perfect kind of skills. I see some incremental improvement with each attempt.

Dinner the next day

Other attempts:

First attemptSecond attemptFifth attemptLast attempt
Written on March 25, 2020
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