A distant wind wraps itself around me

And it doesn't let me reach you

I try to arrange the words in my mind

But you're gazing elsewhere through the window

To someplace far away

I have a premonition that never changes

It lingers on

All the days since then have been filled with clouds

The changing of the seasons

May have erased the promise that we made

Even when I reach out with both my hands

Our hearts remain apart

The changing of the seasons

Have already taken the one I love from me

When I look back into those eyes

I let out a little sigh

For the first time in my life, I made the logical but irrational decision to not be together with the one I love. While our future together ended more than a year ago, the past 1.75 years of being together is something I treasure. I don't want to forget these memories, but remembering them is painful. I know that as time goes on, a haze or fog will gradually cover these memories. It was a quiet and sweet romance with some spice sprinkled in.

I am concerned for her future, but I am no longer in the position to secure it for her. I know that, henceforth, I will be living a great life. I hope she will be happier than me, but all I can do is pray for her happiness.

It was a good first for me

Written on September 11, 2020
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