I'm now 36. These last few years have flown by with not much fanfare. Granted, there were potentially life-altering events along the way, but none of them materialized. Thus, I have quietly been living these few years in relative monotony.

I've clocked in 6 years on the job at my current employer. In that amount of time, I've been on four distinct teams, working on a single page application, a cloud application, a backend enterprise application, and now, a homegrown inventory tracking application. This time was filled with learning experiences, working with very competent people. How much longer, though, I will be at this company, I cannot gauge. The world is constantly changing.

During the pandemic, I picked up various hobbies - making YouTube videos and wooden kotatsu tables. While my videos have gone on hiatus, making tables is now the primary activity I am occupied with outside of work. This venture into manufacturing has filled me with appreciation for all the considerations involved with both the technical side of creating something as well as the business side of marketing, packaging, and supporting my sales. To sum things up, it's not easy running a business. I think what drives me is my conviction for local manufacturing, and I want to contribute to the change I want to see in this world.

the latest iteration of the tables I'm making

In other news, my car that I bought more than 4 years ago has reached 200k miles. This is always a notable milestone for me. I hope I will be able to drive this car for many more years. Aside from the transmission, which started having issues almost a year ago, the car is a tank.

A common milestone for every car I've owned

I haven't forgotten my goal from the beginning of the year. On the contrary, it's been progressing, and I hope it will bear fruit soon. When I consider the twists and turns in the relationships in my life, it's hard to fathom. One year ago, I was in a different relationship, with my future seemingly set for the rest of my life. This was soon upended, and one year later, I find myself in a relationship I would never have predicted just a year ago. Life is unpredictable, and these past few years have humbled me.

I hope my next 36 years will come and go with more growth and maturity. I pray my love for the Lord Jesus and for his church to be rekindled, that I may be found faithful when He comes back again. I am prepared to make the necessary changes in my life for this to happen.

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Written on September 17, 2022
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